Hey there, sweet thing!

You’ve found my website. Welcome. Truly. I love a friendly face.

I am both a writer and actor (though rarely the ‘twain shall meet). I relish the chance to create work that is compelling, informative, and generous.

Photo Credit: Mattea Edmundson

As a writer-for-hire, I focus on educational, performance based content. “Educational, performance based content” is a longwinded way of saying play scripts for drama programs, lesson plans to accompany literary work, and enrichment programming. My work is tailored to your needs, as well as national and local education standards. I strive to be trauma-informed and culturally sensitive while maintaining humor and joy. These services can be found here.

My own work is a cornucopia of poetry, theatre, and essay. I aim to trouble what is messy, nuanced, and dangerous in us by exploring radicalism, feminism, futurity, and trauma (y’know, the juicy stuff). My work is necessarily hopeful as I so firmly believe, to borrow from Tony Kushner, “the world only spins forward”.

When not doing all that, I work freelance as voice-over and on-camera talent. Proudly a member of SAG-AFTRA, I am currently seeking new representation in the South-Western market. Samples can be found here.

When not doing any of the above, I still do much of the above. I love niche memes and soft activities, like hiking, yoga, wallowing in blankets, or painting birds.