Sunday Update: Memes for Fodder.

There was a meme ambling around Twitter, post a Selfie and a random Note.

It was cracking me up. We all strive to be authentic online, so spur of the moment, so alive! But, we all do multiple takes. We all scroll through the Notes app or the Camera Roll looking for the most perfect, the most zany, the most Of The Moment.

And baby, if you wanna post a selfie, post a selfie. Sing that song of yourself. You’re cute, let the people see. Being online is a strange double life, a whole life, half and material, the well and the desert…yikes. I’m not here to wax poetic about the Internet. I’m here because I used this meme for content.

Thusly, Welcome to my Sunday Update. This Update is an explanation of a “random” Note from July, and a Selfie. Because content can be aNyThInG. (:

Let’s begin. Xipe Totec–ah yes, I remember this day. I took myself to the Kimbell Museum in Fort Worth. I hadn’t been in ages. The Kimbell was a favorite museum growing up (I’m not entirely certain why, except that it was a museum I could readily identity. It also housed James Ensor’s Skeletons Warming Themselves, which I decided at 13 was My Favorite Painting. It still is).

On display in the upstairs lobby, across from the gift shop, was this small absolutely garish clay figurine that appeared Central American. I had to get close to him. I read the placard, which described him as the god Xipe Totec. Xipe Totec was a Mesoamerican god, presiding over Spring and Metal Workers (bad ass). Primarily worshipped by the Aztecs and Toltecs, his bizarre face (double lips, swollen eyes) is explained as him wearing the skin of one of his sacrificial victims (you could see the elaborate strings tying the skin to his face on the back of the figurines head) ((if this wasn’t the most metal shit, man). He’s a god closely associated with the life-death-life cycle, which caused my little peabrain to absolutely blow because I was deep into reading (still am…it’s a long ass book) Clarissa Pinkola Estes’ Women Who Run With Wolves and namely the section on the what?? LIFE DEATH LIFE CYCLE.

Color me shook.

Next up I see I made a note about the trickster, an archetype I’m personally invested in as well as a recurrent figure in…Art? I don’t have an answer to the question I poised. Is he (she? I think the Trickster is a masculine energy, but fuck if a girl ain’t tricksy and gender ain’t nothing but a series of signifiers and energies itself) a rain god? A coyote? The trickster is a coyote actually, but idk where that rain god stuff came from. More on that later?

Okay, so the slightly frantic “We need Metamorphosis ! ! !” was probably prompted by me seeing a painting that references it, and the fact that my dear friend Jacob was reading Ted Hughes’ translation of Ovid’s Metamorphosis at the time. I now, as a matter of fact, own this book.

The Little Chimney Sweep had me stumped. I had to look it up. My memory was jogged by a Google search, revealing it’s a piece housed at the Kimbell. The piece caught me (but clearly not too deeply, as evidenced by my lack of remember). The use of darkness, black inky and rich, in the painting of a small boy is stunning. Jules Bastian LePage is the artist (the same last name as a youth pastor I once knew, as it were), and I don’t know anything about his work but the painting is gorgeous. The end.

So that’s it for the Note.

Here’s the Selfie. Me waking up in my brand new Texas apartment the other day.

Be good, sweetness. That’s my update. Be good, and post yourSelfies.

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