Hello again! This is the page where you find my services delineated along with writing samples.

Rates determined by scope and need.
CV upon request.


Educational Script Commission

I have written and adapted scripts for clients ranging from classroom teachers to children’s book publishers to enrichment programs. After a brief, free consultation to assess needs and educational standards, I will tailor a script to your specifications.
Once commissioned, licensing and exclusivity are included.

Editorial/Creative Collaboration

As a working writer myself, I offer editorial aid to writers at any point in their process. My editing is both technical and aesthetic; think flow and function combined. I strive to uphold the voice and intent of the writer I am working with, while honing the craft and message. I also offer assistance on creative content production, image management, and other performance based aspects of content. I believe in the power of collaboration, and a trusted set of eyes to grow projects to their fullest.
Initial consultation limited to a half hour.

Lesson Plan Design

Similar to script commissions, Mia will design lesson plans for up to a 8 weeks worth of programming within the scope of performance and literacy. In-depth collaboration is welcome to assure every aspect of the design is to the client’s standard.
Rates available upon request.



Script Commission

Written for Drama Kids Cincinnati, Sector 13 is a Zoom-specific script that emphasizes literacy and performance skills using comedy, teamwork, and science fiction. Ideal for grades 6-10.

Lesson Plan

Designed for use in conjunction with poet Shira Erlichman’s children’s book Be/Hold: a friendship book (available through Penny Candy Books), this literacy workshop that meets various national Social-Emotional Learning standards by welcoming participants to explore relationship–in compound words, in onomatopoeia, and in life. Ideal for ages 5-12.

Lesson Plan

The first of a semester’s worth of kindergarten arts enrichment material, this lesson plan was developed and workshopped in conjunction with Chase Elementary in Cincinnati, OH with assistance from local nonprofits. Easily tailored to 1st and 2nd grade standards.

Script Commission

Big Bad Wolf’s Big Bad Trial pulls from fairytales, American folklore, and pop culture references to create a world in which the famous Big Bad Wolf might not be so big and bad, or even guilty of his crimes. A children’s theatre comedic romp, this play is accessible to both large and small casts and was piloted by an enrichment program in 2017. Ideal for elementary school students.