Sunday Update: Memes for Fodder.

There was a meme ambling around Twitter, post a Selfie and a random Note. It was cracking me up. We all strive to be authentic online, so spur of the moment, so alive! But, we all do multiple takes. We all scroll through the Notes app or the Camera Roll looking for the most perfect, […]

Sunday Update: Of All the Places I Could Be.

Hey there, sweet thing. It’s Sunday. This time last Sunday I was, I think, laying facedown in my unmade bed sobbing my eyes out. You could chalk it up to a chemical imbalance. You could say we ought not to, as people, lay in an unmade bed sobbing our eyes out. You could say, even, […]

Sunday Update: Onward.

Mary Oliver really knew what she was saying when she said, “the animal of your body“. Opening with that sentence runs the risk of me indulging a masturbatory intellectualism I’d like to avoid. The animal of my body, I think, knew what it was doing when it got in a car and drove 13 hours […]

I READ: Nathalie Olah’s Steal As Much As You Can: How to Win the Culture Wars in an Age of Austerity.

Hey there. I read another book. Big ups to me, because this is considered a radical act in the Attention Economy (I took the time to look up the term Attention Economy and let me just tell you it could fill a whole ‘nother blog post, so suffice it to say, the term is attributed […]