Sunday Update: Memes for Fodder.

There was a meme ambling around Twitter, post a Selfie and a random Note. It was cracking me up. We all strive to be authentic online, so spur of the moment, so alive! But, we all do multiple takes. We all scroll through the Notes app or the Camera Roll looking for the most perfect, […]

Sunday Update: I Think I Will Take Nothing With Me.

Lately, I find myself struggling with the impulse to have. To possess. To own, I think, but not quite that far. You see, I’m too much in debt (credit card, student loans, medical, and some outlying things) to really own anything. I’ve grappled with ownership, what it is to own, in the past, and I’m […]

Sunday Update: Onward.

Mary Oliver really knew what she was saying when she said, “the animal of your body“. Opening with that sentence runs the risk of me indulging a masturbatory intellectualism I’d like to avoid. The animal of my body, I think, knew what it was doing when it got in a car and drove 13 hours […]